WELCOME TO... Kitten Galaxy!

Great Nee!

WELCOME TO... KITTEN GALAXY!!-- Enjoy The Blog, PodCasts, And Be Sure To Check Out Some Photos In Our Photo "Galaxy"!

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My First Entry... EVER!!

Hi, my name is Starvio Steves, E-Mail me at [email protected] !!!

 you can call me Starvio. or steves, steve, starvin' steve, CK4 STAVIN, STUVANI, or staaviins, but for now just stick with Starvio.

Well, i've noticed no one ever stays longer than about ten seconds, so i've decided to start this off a little different. 1st of all, this website is mainly based on humor, with a few pics of cats. 2nd, more than likely, you might enjoy my podcasts.(please, comment) 3rd,(if you've gotten this far) if you go to the beginning of my blog, there might be some interesting matieral, however, a little ways in there are several entrys which are more Journal-like then humor-like, so, those may be glanced at, and either dissmissed from reading or read, whatever you like. Last thing, the following matieral is somewhat of the afformentioned catagory(Journal-like) and you could skip the rest of this post, however, the next ones are slightly more humorous, while my latest blog entrys in the past few months will be the best if you are searching for something funny.  

PLEASE NOTE: the following matieral is completly USELESS and there is no need to read THE rest of this POST, please, SKIP TO THE BLOG!! oh, and THE PODCASTS!! 

I am a HUGE fan of Star Trek and Star Wars, and own a signifigant amount of Tng video tapes, with a few Tos, Voyager, and Ds9.

I have seen Tng's first and second season, with a ton of assorted episodes from all the seasons, so chances are, i've seen if it's tng.

I have seen most of Voyager's 1st, and all of the 2nd and 3rd seasons.

Also, i have seen an assortment from the original, but not many, and all of deep space nine's 5th, and am working on the forth.

My favorite enemy is the Q, or Q, played by John Delancie.

My favorite race is the Cardassians.

I own six cats, and, now, three dogs. (Yes i edited this lame post about half a year later LOL!!)

Oh, and try this game called "Flight":

[[UPDATE]] June 17, 2012

I have seen ALL of ST:TNG, & ST:VOY. I have not seen all that much of DS9.

Now You Can Call Me StaaViinsZ(ATTN. Capital S, V, Z)

[[UPDATE]] February 27, 2014

Wow. Half of this crap is way out there. I don't like to think about what I was like before I had at least a few quasi-friends, etc. It's scary. Yeh. Glad I deleted a few of those sub-prehistoric photos of me... so... fat...

Now I'm into Metal music & anything Active-- Also I enjoy living with God daily!

If you want me to e-mail you, then [email protected] is still my e-mail address.

Peace out, bros!


hello, nuts!

great nanny! there it is! GODZILLA!!!!

and the like are some of my slightly off- Kilter analysese.

saphire the cat's (my cat) nickname is Saphi(Sa-fee)

please check out the slide show in the photos section!

There's at least one photo of all the cats there( by the way, the picture of Saphi is not how she really looks, it's just a crazy picture)

what's wineing? ( wine-ing, as in, the dog is wineing)

that's my version of  "what's up".

oh and just for later... HI CALEB!!!! (my cousin, just in case.)

here's the partionally hydrogenated beef substitute: allergens: peanuts, rapsberrys, oak leaves, extraneous crap

i'm going to post my list of tng episode that i have watched( actually by wikipedia, i altered it to say what i have seen, or not)

it's too long to post on the homepage, and i'm having trouble figuring out how to do this.

now, let me think... BEEP! end of personnal log no. 06,  computer! bee wheep! play log no. 07 

all other logs restricted until further notice.

security level code class 5 is required to acess these files


Bee wheep!

shut up!

bee bee bee beep! unable to comply within specifyed peramiters. question is not a valid command. please state another question.


we'll(me'll) be switching over to the blog function so we don't clog up the  home page( which we've all ready done) that way, when visiters visit our page, the first thing they get will not be a "this script has stopped working" or " page memory is insuffecient, would you like to increase the page file memory?" notice, it will be, a mouth full of jokes!

Thank you stupid nut for contacting us.{{NOT!!!}} We will[Not]get back to you as soon as[Not]possible... CRAP IT! WHO CARES, NO REPLY FOR YOU!! YOU HEAR ME!! NO REPLY!!!
--StaaViinsZ, Faithfully Replying Soon({[MAYBE]})
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