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Posted by Starvio Steves on May 24, 2012 at 1:40 AM

Hello Nuts! CRAPP YOU ALL!!! you obviously are wondering WHY i had to say that. well, to quote a phrase... "A wise Man Crapps All Who listens to him on his blog, With two P's, Before continuing on to his Vain attempts at Humor" Yes, Very Wise, Very wise INDEED. VERY CRAPPED INDEED. Just incase he was listning. Anyway, Crappa' Ste' Loggin' On, Telling you this: THE SQEEGEE HAS RISEN! The SQEEGEE HAD BECOME ALIVE! LIVING! SNAPPING! LUCKY-BEANING-MAMA-SQEEGEE-ING ok, well, not really lucky-beaning mama-sqeegee-ing, but still the point is, THE SQEEGEE IS ALIVE NUT! THE SQEEGEE IS ALIVE. and, to any of you actually following this blog(Currently i belive consisting of ME , ME, YOU, ME, And hmm.. let me think.. M-E.) Anyway, as you may know if you were following(IF ONLY IF), the Frappacieno, or "frappa' Cino'" as some may know him, has been in control yet respectfully dormant on this site. HOWEVER, a "LIVING SQEEGEE" so to speak, has TAKEN OVER THE ERROREOUS RAIN OF THE Frappa' CINO'!! of course, only to place us in another TORCHEROUS RAIN OF SQEEGEE-in' TYRANNY!! if you notce anything such as pics of sqeegees randomly appearing on the site, you'll know it's the "LivingSqeeGee's" Hack Crew. See Ya For NOW!!- 22 snappereas In a Basket; With about 14 of 'em fallin' out-- StaaViinsZ

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