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oh nanno! it's the frappa-cino!

Posted by Starvio Steves on May 4, 2011 at 3:14 AM

hello, this is the frapuccino, or, as i prefer, 'Frappa-cino".

i have taken over this website's blog, and, as a result, i will be posting here, instead of Staaviins.

today, the coffee got grounded, and was never heard from again.

the milk jug lost some milk, some of which went into making me.

and, The Starvio was NOT sighted at starbucks.

i will soon take over the rest of this website, and will efficieantly destroy the WORLD OF SMOOTHIES!!!!

HHEY WHAT CHAYA VUCFOps6-rewav7tqcpvcykbuytfvwn---vnro9d---

this is staaavin sz1... run !!>\`! fOR fYfds kg LIFE!!!! RUAFSJFV  RUN!!!!!!!!

SMACK!!!!! ugh....

anyway, i will be departing now, thank you.

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