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well, hello there!

Posted by Starvio Steves on August 26, 2011 at 4:25 AM

Well, hello there! it's nice to see you all 'gan an' everything but, i was wondering just what ya'll were doin' here? of course, more importantly i guess you'd be a wonderin' why i see too be talkin' like sheriff andy taylor?

well, i guess you all should know that i've taken up a fondness to the show, a real fondness, and i've decided today was the day i converted into mayberry's finest, and join the force as sherriff, seein' as how andy left aftar eight years an' all.

now joinin' the force with me'll be my cat betty, my cat jet, and my cat jetter.

i'm confident that they'll serve as competent deputys of the law.

of course meanwhile i'll just be pokin there noseys (does a little smile- half laugh) (crowd laughs) and joinin' me'll be my no. 1 deputy Lakey fife( a close reletive of barney)  and i'll be changin' my name to sherriff Stevie Taylor? Whadaya think?

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