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Posted by Starvio Steves on October 27, 2011 at 7:10 AM

great nana-nee-noo! i'm back!

i'd like to start this off with a few words of wisdom.

"To start this section off, I'll begin with the facts"-taken from Staaviinsz's Ammo recommendations, suggestions, and downright orders, a book currently in the making by Starvio.

as previously meantioned, here are the facts:

(this space intentionally left blank)

i'm sorry, there are currently no facts avalable right now, please hold.


hello? hello? facts? hello?

beep beep beep beep beep beep -click!-

this concludes our review of the facts.

and now on to the Real stuff.

well, i haven't updated this in a while(my web stats no longer seemed to realize i had already registered)

and i guess you've been wondering what i've been up to, or down to, or left, right, 15 degree diaganal slant to, the point being let's continue before i come up with another one. oh, wait! i've!-- oh, yeah...

Anyway, let's continue!  i'll update you on what's new.

well, now i have my own personal e-mail address, [email protected] , along with my other e-mail addresses [email protected] , [email protected]

, and [email protected]

please, email me at any of these addresses, although your message may not be recieved until 2013 if you email to any of them except for the first one,([email protected]) in which case your message will be recieved promptly.

i plan on getting another email address at google soon.

welp, next up is the frappest, the crappest, the oh-so-Fracrappest BOOKS!

i have written several books/novels/pamphlets/small things that imitate books but aren't nearly big enough. one reached 217 paragraphs, i believe. i am currently working on one that appears to be going along faster than most, perhaps because of my usage of a different font.

maybe someday they'll get published... someday... someday... some--

sorry drifted there for a moment... anyway, back to the update!

i also have a voicemail from simplevoicebox services, COMPLETELY FREE! cool, huh?

call 641-715-3900 and enter 446789# to leave me a message!


if i do say so myself. anyway, recently, my friend jeff gave me a bunch of jeans and some other pants that fit me loosely, so, for pretty much the first time, i needed a belt.

so, at marshall's tonight we got a belt, and i''ll be wearing it quite often with my new collection of pants! thank you jeff!

and last, but not least, my birthday, nov. 11, coming up in fifteen days! WOO-HOO!

well, little snappea-crisps, the last thing i have to say is my new discovery: that dart gun(a certain type) shoot pens, and markers, and have been reaping the benefits of being able to fire a papermate Sharpie Intro marker at my foe.

thank you for joining me on this ed. of Staaviins Wired,

we'll see ya next time... (fade out with cool music)

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