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Posted by Starvio Steves on October 29, 2011 at 6:40 AM

well, folks, i thoguht the old website needed a little revamp, so i thought i'd find a new template in the webs site builder! here it is! the NEW ME! or should i say, website me... hmm... WHATEVER, anyway, hope you all like it, it's a jump, or rather, a leap, into space. (litterally) i thought about another one, but i decided on this one, with a space theme(hence the name, kitten galaxy)

I thought this was a good fit for a website with "galaxy" in the name.

Tommorrow i may be getting chicken inveders 4:ultimate omelette, we'll see.

well, it's gettin' alful lete, so i 's bests bes gettin' ta' beds!(i think)

See ya nuts!

comsumer responses:

,Matthew K: change it back!! change it back!

Anaheim J: hmm. who cares. wasn't following anyway.

Geen Dohone: ooh, YES, YES, I SEE! I SEE!

Georgia S: every good website i ever love ALWAYS CHANGES! i'm takin' my membership off of webs, and Kitten galaxy!!

Xanther Q: and this website just got worse than the crap it already was.

Jokken JibBeroo: Ok. this is different.

David G: Huh?

Feen Swaka-Haren: I no like. My cat no like. my dog no like... ME NO LIKE! ME NO MEMBESHIP!!!

Note: This is what happens when you have nobody following you. You know what's funny? Nobody will probably ever read this.

--yours eating a snappea crisp, STAAVIINS Z- CEO of STAAVIINS Z inc., a subsiderary of S.T.E. Corp.

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