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Posted by Starvio Steves on July 17, 2011 at 12:22 AM

Froppen!( Fro-Pen)

that's my latest saying.

i haven't updated this in a while, so i'll give you some updates.

well, my dream has come true, they added star trek to netflix instant, so i've been watching that.

i just got a new phone, AND answering machine. (micro-cassete)

although i wouldn't exactly call it new since it has a foot and a half long anntena on the phone, and about 25 inches worth on the base!

i thought this was cool, so i bought it from the trift store for under a buck. ($1.91, half off)

my latest nick-name is staaviinsonikanivenko-koninskie

i'll post some of my messages to here as a few podcasts.

i found my cd of jasc paint shop pro from 2000.

and i went to my cousins wedding.

i think one of my relatives looked at my website, so i'll check facebook.

i've got an e-mail at [email protected] now.

 and now let me go check facebook.


i'll see ya later!


hi, my name is staaviinsonikanivenko-konenskie.

but you can just call me staaviinsonikanivenko.



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