WELCOME TO... Kitten Galaxy!

Great Nee!

Hello, Nuts

Welp, i've decided to add some of my writings to the web, please, if you feel "up to it", Download and Review them!


Many of my "Writings" detail massive amounts of one of the following, or multiples of the following:

* My "Sayings"

* Nonsense

* Partial Nonsense

*Complete Nonsense

* Quotes

* Fake Quotes

* Real Quotes Turned Fake

*My "Personas"

 And a Couple are Quizzes.

Sooner or later, they should all be up, more or less.

Until then, enjoy what is here!

The Kitten Letters

My cats correspond to StaaViins Z Inc., Incorporated, and Vice Versa

Starvio's Quizzes

Quiz yourself on Sci-Fi, Cartoons, and a little bit of Nonsense.