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What is...

  1. What Is Frap?

    ah, yes, the everlasting question of "What is Frap". Although a sensible question, with my many years of experience, constantly saying, quoting, writing with, and modifing this word, you cannot help but somewhat recognize this as trivial.

    Perhaps the better question would be "What is FrapZat", what is a "F'appa" and/or "C'appa" or what is "Bean me", at this point, Hmm?   Well, for ease of my faithful visiters,(consisting of, ME) we will allow this question to be tolorated ONE LAST TIME.

    Frap is simply this: another word for crap.

    Now See, did you really need to know that?

  2. What Is Snapping Crispers(Or Rather, What Are)

    Hmm... Snapping Crispers? Oh, yes, the variant of Snappeas, Crisps, Crispers, Snapping, and... whatever else may have gone into that. Well, This one is mostly derived from the Sayings "Oh Snap!", "Snapify!", "Crispin'!", "Crispify Me!", and "Oh Snappea Crisps!". Yes, all Proper Exclamations. Well, to, umm, explain this Saying, is impossible. However we will attempt in vain to do so anyway.

    Snapping Crispers is basically, a, Non-sensical "Saying", Invented By Me, StaaViinsZ. It is a combination of Snappea Crisps, and the, At least believed to be, "Mythological", "Crispers". Crispers being the "Mystic" Cause for Snappeas' Crispyness. However, common Knowledge mandates, that there is no such thing as a "Crisper", and, Therefor, This "Saying" Is not really a "Saying", And, also therefor, This "Saying" is Actually, Non-Explainable, Which, Mandates the end of this Particular Saying's FAQ. K? K. 

  3. What Is This REDICULOSITY?


    No, I believe the question is, What is YOUR Rediculosity. If you actually came to this FAQ to be Answered seriously, then you are crazy. This "Rediculosity", as you (I) say, is ME. Yes, I am "Rediculos." Ain't it Great?

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WHY? Dearly WHY?

  1. Why Snappeas And/Or Snappea Crisps?

    What? Why Snappeas? What kind of CRAP question is that?? WHY SNAPPEAS?? THEY'RE SNAPPY. THEY'RE CRISPY. WHY NOT????

  2. Why Crap?

    Crap this "WHY" catagory, I'm gonna go eat some Snappeas. WIT' TWO PP'S. YEH. BELIEVE IT> NUT.

  3. Why Lucky Beanin' MAMA SqeeGee?

    LUCKY BEANIN' MAMA SQEEGEE! I cannot believe you just asked that. Why this? Why that? WHAT YOU TAKE ME FOR PEOPLE? THE CENTER OF ALL KNOWLEDGE IN AMERICA??? Look Peeps, if it's on my site, it's probably complete utter nonsense. FORGET ABOUT IT, K? Just put, say, "OH DEAR CRAP" or equivilant in place of the quote your PUNY mind cannot comprehend. NOW. GO.(Anybody notice the quote from Darth Sidious there? Didn't think so.) 

  4. Why Continuing Changes To The Site?

    Why Why Questions? Well? WHY? You answer that question, I answer yours. You poke that nose, I poke yours. well, maybe that's a little convoluted. Whatever. Anyway, coinsidentally, Fultilly, and Thankfully, if you're actually reading the question of the FAQ, this situation is remarkable similar to the situation of George Lucas.(HAHA!) Yes, George himself. Fans are always complaining about him making changes to Star Wars Movies. You are always complaining about changes to the site.(eh, heh.) Well, I'm really sorry you all fell in love with a Half-completed Site, But it's my Site, and i'll do what I want with it. However, In full compliance with ST:TNG & Other Star Trek Series, If Any Senior Officer should feel I can no longer perform my duties in good sense, he is therefor authorized to take over the website, and therefor become acting captain until i am "well". Well, Not really. but whatever. the point is, I am constantly trying to make the site better, because it is currently so LAME. Happy now? 

  5. Why Not A Serious FAQ?

    Seriously? I find this FAQ to be incredibly repetitive. Very much so.

    Why not a serious FAQ? What kind of FAQ would that be? A serious FAQ--Why, that Would, not even be an FAQ at ALL! The point is, The WHOLE SITE is CRAP like this, and what can you expect from a CRAP site like this, except MORE CRAP?? NOTHIN'!

  6. Why Did I Not Actually Get Any Information Or Explanation From This Why Section?

    Well, for starters, let me just explain that the whole "serious FAQ" question pretty much explained this, but, out the goodness of my heart, i will attempt to explain it further...

    ya see, it's.. not.. really... real... and this FAQ.. well... it's fake... and I just really don't see the need to... and i just don't... realllly think that anyone could actually....

    actually, wait a sec, I need to commune with my Committee.


    "We are here StaaViinsZ!"

    "I have a Problem."

    "As usual, StaaViinsZ, As we are The Mind, And The Mind Is your Committee, We Face Many of These Each Day, Much More Than You Know, Many From Your Subconcious Mind, Although it is more than unusual to receive one from the concious mind however--"

    "Yeah, yeah, shut up and let me talk already{Thinking man, Committees talk so much"

    "May I remind You That Since we are your mind, and your mind is us, WE CAN HEAR WHAT YOU'RE THINKING!"

    "{Thinking} Oh Snap, What the Crap do I say to these Crapperinos Now...} Oh, Yes, I realize That now. Right that down, you! remind me of that the next time I visit."

    Committee Chairman "Of course you realize. Of course."

    Committee Member "But sir, the last visit by your conscious mind was 3 months ago, and things age faster when they exsist in the world of your mind. the note you asked me to right down then looks as if it has aged 100 years by now!"

    Starvio "JUST DO IT. Now, Suggestions on how to explain this to these people, committee?"

    "Committee Mumblings".....

    Chairman "Ah, Yes, 9 out of ten committee Members agree you should end this question here, because of it's 'Rediculosity'"

    Starvio "Chairman. Procede with the usual."

    Chairman "Sir, committee members are valuble assetts, not to be simply thrown away like you--"

    Starvio "Just DO IT!"

    CHINK![Eject Button Presses and door opens"


    New Member #3 "Ah yes, Great dissision sir!"

    Starvio "very good. Thank you committee, I will refer to you again in the future."

    "Yes Sir..."

    Ok, Well, I've communed with my committee and 9 out of ten agree, and now 10/10, that I sure end this question here because of it's rediculosity. CRPA IT {pronounced "Carp it" And/or "C-R-P-A it"} 

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OH SNAP! this site is CRAP!

  1. Are you insane??

    No, I believe the question is, Are YOU insane for thinking i'm insane? or am I insane for thinking you're insane for thinking i'm insane?

    No, no, I definately think that YOU'RE insane for Thinking I'm Insane for thinking you're insane for thinking i'm insane. you know something? that's INSANE. I think you got what you came here for-- you can exit knowing your cat is Insane for thinking you're insane for thinking i'm insane for thinking you're insane. Swag, Yo!

  2. What Is The Deal With All Of These Fake Sayings?

    Haha, Ho-HO. Let's not forget who's asking the questions here. AND YOU- IT AIN'T. Yes, I know you thought that it was you, and now you're awfuly dissapointed, but, I must inform you, That if your Neighbor, Aunt, Father, Best Friend, Or even your THIRD COUSIN IN NIGERIA thought that they were asking these questions, well, Cheifly, they would be insane, but that's not the point... The point is, I would give no such courtesy to them, allowing them, in they're Hazed state, to believe Such nosense as if THEY were asking the questions! And NAY WILL I TO YE. JUST GET OVER IT. Why exactly have a begun on a paragraph long rant in the middle of my FAQ, I do not know. Why I am saying that i just went on a rant in the middle of my FAQ, I don't know. Why I am-- well, you get the idea. Fake Sayings? Where's the proof? YOU HAVE NO PROOF!(neimodian senate members anyone? anyone? Episode 1? Anyone?)


    Who is to say That there is not ONE PERSON in Some area of the world, in some language, in some run-down rural Shack, that does not say or has not said "Oh Snappea Crisps" or "Lucky Beaning Mama SqeeGee"?

    Who? Who? Well, If i may say so, NOT YOU. Now, if you were a surveyor, and had scientifically proven this, then, perhaps, I would believe you. However, Logic Dictates that you are not a surveyor, and if somehow, in some off beaten chance from a third galaxy in the south-west corner of the universe, YOU ARE a surveyor, then, most certainly, you have NOT conducted a survey with "have you said Lucky Beaning Mama SqeeGee" in it.

    And so, I refuse to answer this question, as it is Blandly written, Falsified, has no proof, no grounds, and no snappeas,(obviously) and is blasphemous to the StaaViinsZ,(pronounced Sta-Vins-Z) Community.

    Now Please, don't bother me again with these worthless questions, I tire of your utter stupidity in the area of things only I memorize and know. Now, Remove yourself from your Indented, Pre-lain hole in your cushion, and go watch a Star Trek episode or something.

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